OneMillionDownloads: Nashville Musicians Shoots For the Stars with New Deal for Fans and Industry!


This site is no joke and we will announce the first update on our progress on April 1, 2018.

PREMISE: In the modern era the enterprising musician needs to be creative in the getting the word out about their music. will help artists achieve their dream sales figures. Stay tuned for news as it happens.

GOALS: While this site is called One Million Downloads that translates to about $750,000 when all the various online retailers get their commission. So, reaching sales of three quarters of a million dollars will get us to our goal of one million downloads of our music in 2018. Anything above and beyond that will be distributed to the band's favorite charities and important causes.

THE CALL TO ACTION: Our cause is a simple one. Everyone in the band knows that it's our life's mission to make a mark in music. We do have fans from all over that world who love what we do. Now, we're asking them to take action so we can achieve our goal of One Million Downloads. How? Easy. The main page is a virtual online store for every song that Rich, the RLB or J-L-P have released so far. Fourteen to date to be exact. Our loyal and dedicated fan base will keep us in the studio and recording with their MP3 purchases. We Love You!

PRESS: We are already doing increased print and radio interviews as we launch One Million Downloads - if you would like to help spread the word about this important musical endeavor please contact: