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• Italy's Armonite could have called their latest release Eclectic and they wouldn't have been wrong. While the two main players pictured with keyboard and electric viloin offers a hint at the direction that image just reveals the launching point. As it turns out And The Stars Above is aptly named because this power duo craft intense creations that range from rock to prog to innovative and experimental. Like the heavens over our heads this one shines but it is shrouded in darkness and mystery, too.

Dan Sheehan has just released a monumental effort that is perhaps this generation's most ambitious and honest look at the world we live in circa 2019!

• It's strange in this day and age to see such a quantity and quality of material emerge from one source. But, that's exactly what was delivered to our doorstep when Phenomena I, II, III arrived at our office. This 80's musical collective features real rock royalty including the likes of Glenn Hughes, Cozy Powell, Don Airey, Brian May, John Wetton and brains behind the project producer Tom Galley. So, it's not unusual to find this group at times sounding like other heavyweights straight out of the hair band and AOR era back in the day. Including a glorious and stunning package along with 29 total tracks this Phenomena is fulfilling and nothing short of phenomenal.

• With a nod to the aesthetics of those who came before (think Stones, Cars, Devo and Bowie) The Aesthetics are hard to beat on their latest "Beat This". Whipping together a batter that includes sun, surf & psychedelia this is simply beautiful punk-inspired garage rock with taste!

• Riding in from the West Coast comes California's SLOW BURNING CAR who has us all revved up with their high-octane fourth album Defection. With a well-crafted mix of classic and modern welded together with a few designs of their own this quality quartet is certifiably showroom ready. You would expect any vehicle to be metal made and garage worthy and this one also has emo and dream core under its hood. Slow Burning Car hums along nicely and there's no doubt you'll want to step into it!

• Hailing from St. Petersburg, Florida come Luxury Mane who could be considered an acquired taste. But, one man's fish eggs are the caviar of another and we love the psycho pop this band by beach have come up with - especially on the trio of beautiful vinyl platters they just sent our way. Gold Standard rings with punk and 80's synth influences. There's something sad and beautiful trying to get out - and with the luxury of time - you'll be sure to hear it, too!

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