Rockin' Rich Lynch:
My Musical DNA:
46 Songs On a USB Stick

WHAT YOU GET! My musical DNA. 46 songs on a USB stick features 23 tracks including my official releases, unreleased tracks, remixes and remasters. Each song is provided in WAV and high-quality MP3 format with songs notes and related artwork and pictures. Order now and we'll deliver our USB stick anywhere in the world with free shipping included!

• All Rights Reversed
• Gettysburg Address (Unreleased)
• Hail Atlantis
• Hail Atlantis (Retake 2018)
• Hollywood Star
• I Want to Live in a Dome
• I Want to Live in a Dome (REMASTER)
• Jesus Rock
• Kingdom Tonight
• Middle of the Night (Unreleased)
• Ode to the Chemtrail Pilots
• Ow, A Bad Singer' Pony Rent
• Ow, A Bad Singer' Pony Rent (Remix)
• Patriot Radio
• Patriots' Day
• Raging Storm
• Rock and Roll Rodeo
• Sunflowers (Limited Release)
• Take Me to Your Liter
• The Red Road
• Those Days
• White Buffalo (Unreleased)
• You Can't Push Over a Standing Rock

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